Wednesday, 21 October 2009

skate days.

Just a few shots from last year...


A spot Will and I found one day on our skate spot searches. This spot had it all, a really big open area to get creative with. A nice selection of wood and bricks to build almost skate-able objects. A set of rails, a sofa to pop over and even a flood light for in the dark.

This is our first creation outa some weird concrete slabs that we dug up.

Haha! This is what ended up skating. A pretty tech manual if u ask me...

These are the rails. This spot was mega sketchy but the rails were so difficult to skate.

And here you can see why. Its the run up you have, its smaller than the size of a curb.

And this is the amazing sofa gap. Something i have seen in a lot of skate videos(mainly the American ones) where they'd skate a sofa in the suburbs or something. And i always wanted to find a spot to skate and pop a sofa.... my dream came true.

Its not the best looking sofa but it still felt good poppin flips over it.

This is our shit skatepark round the corner where we spent way to many days.

Here, Will is waxing up a sic little monument ledge with some soap.

Skate home in the dark.

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